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Posts that Mention the Name Marcie

Vegas Quints All Get D-Names

Last month, Deon and Evonne Derrico of Las Vegas welcomed quintuplets.

Each of their four older children has a D-name, so they kept with tradition and gave the quints D-names as well:

  • Deniko (boy)
  • Dariz (boy)
  • Deonee (girl)
  • Daician (girl)
  • Daiten (girl)

Other name patterns we’ve seen with quints so far are alphabetical names (Anna, Brody, Ciara, David, Ella) and first letters that spell a word (Gabrielle, Riley, Addison, Cooper, Emerson). We’ve also seen two sets of quints without name patterns: the Jones quints (Will, David, Marcie, Seth, Grace) and the Bieber quints (Kate, Samuel, Troy, Auden, Shiloh).

And now some fun questions for you: If you had to name a set of quintuplets, and all the names had to start with the same letter, which letter would you choose? Why? And, what names would you choose? (Let’s say there are 2 boys and 3 girls, just like the Derrico quints.)

Source: Births of quintuplets bless, humble Las Vegas family

Texas Quints – Will, David, Marcie, Seth, Grace

On August 9, Gavin and Carrie Jones of Duncanville, Texas, welcomed a set of quints — three boys and two girls:

  • Will Edward
  • David Stephen
  • Marcie Jane
  • Seth Jared
  • Grace Elise

Let’s play a game. You’re given a chance to change one of the above names (first + middle combo). Which one do you change, and what do you replace it with?