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Spelling Tip for Creative Baby Names – Doubling Consonants

I spotted the name Masson in a news article recently, and my first instinct was to say MASS-on (short a).

Masson was meant to be a form of Mason, but I couldn’t force myself to pronounce it that way. Why? Because vowels before double consonants are typically short.

For instance, compare the words on the left with the words on the right:


See what I mean? When Masson’s parents doubled the s, they actually changed the pronunciation of their son’s name.

Same with Suzzanna, which I saw in a phone book a couple of weeks ago. Suzzanna is supposed to be a form of Suzanna, but doubling the z ends up shortening the u. That first syllable now rhymes with buzz instead of with bruise.

So if you’re thinking about doubling a consonant, or throwing in any other superfluous letters, check first to make sure the alteration won’t affect the name’s pronunciation.