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Maxwell – Boy Name or Girl Name?

Maxwell - girl name or boy name?

Could Maxwell become a girl name?

As of right now, it’s used almost exclusively for baby boys:

  • 2010: 2,985 baby boys and 5 baby girls named Maxwell
  • 2009: 3,068 baby boys (and <5 baby girls) named Maxwell
  • 2008: 3,050 baby boys and 5 baby girls named Maxwell
  • 2007: 2,711 baby boys and 6 baby girls named Maxwell
  • 2006: 2,789 baby boys and 5 baby girls named Maxwell
  • 2005: 2,809 baby boys (and <5 baby girls) named Maxwell

But I think that could change.

Several months ago, a minor celebrity named her daughter Maxwell Lue.

And rumor has it that singer Jessica Simpson is also considering Maxwell, nn Maxi, for her baby girl due in a couple of weeks.

(In fact, the rumor has gotten so much press that I think the rumor itself could influence expectant parents — regardless of what Simpson actually names her baby.)

Do you think celebrities naming their baby girls Maxwell will inspire enough non-celeb parents to follow suit that Maxwell becomes dual-gender (à la Rory, Elliot, Charlie, Avery & Peyton)?

Do you like Maxwell as a girl name, or do you prefer it on boys only?

P.S. Maxwell was originally a locational surname. It was first recorded in 12th century Scotland as Mackeswell, meaning “Mack’s spring” or “Mack’s stream.” Mack was a short form of the Scandinavian name Magnus, which comes from the Latin word for “great.”

Baby Names Gone Unusable

I thought I would follow up my posts on bad meanings and unlikable names with ten baby names that have been rendered fairly unusable for modern parents, for various reasons.

  • Dorcas (f) – last ranked among the top 1,000 U.S. names in 1950.
  • Fairy (f) – last ranked in 1932.
  • Fanny (f) – last ranked in 1939.
  • Gaylord (m) – last ranked in 1956, though — who knows? — maybe those Focker movies will spark a comeback. :)
  • Hortense (f) – last ranked in 1941.
  • Hymen (m) – last ranked in 1913.
  • Maxie/Maxi (f) – Maxie last ranked in 1962; Maxi has never ranked.
  • Pansy (f) – last ranked in 1952.
  • Philander (m) – has never ranked, likely because its negative connotation dates all the way back to the mid-19th century (before data was collected).
  • Rube (m) – last ranked in 1907.

Did I miss any good ones? (Good as in bad, of course.)