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The Baby Name Mazola

Mazola (1918 newspaper ad)
Mazola, “the first cooking and salad oil made from corn,” was introduced to consumers in 1911. The brand name was based on the words “maize” and “oil.”

Mazola first appeared in the SSA’s baby name data in 1919:

  • 1922: 10 baby girls named Mazola
  • 1921: 11 baby girls named Mazola
  • 1920: 7 baby girls named Mazola
  • 1919: 8 baby girls named Mazola [debut]
  • 1918: unlisted

Usage of the name does pre-date the introduction of the oil, but I’m sure Mazola advertising played a part in popularizing the name in the 1910s and ’20s. I mean, if kids were named after oleomargarine, you can bet at least a few were named specifically after Mazola. :)

Incidentally, other Maz- names in the data during that time period include Mazel, Mazell, Mazelle, Mazella, Mazie, Mazzie, Mazy, and Maze.

Source: Mazola history