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Passing Down a Unisex Name? Piece of Cake.

One of the benefits of having a unisex name is that you can pass it down to either a boy or a girl. Or, you can pass it down to both a boy and a girl, which is exactly Cheap Trick singer Robin Zander did.

Zander has two children — one is a boy named Robin Jr., the other is a girl named Robin-Sailor.

About her children’s names, [Robin’s wife] Pam jokes, “Any more kids and we’d have to do the George Foreman thing.”

Robin and Robin-Sailor remind me of Emeril Lagasse’s latest two children, Meril (girl) and Emeril (boy).

[OT: Did you know that Cheap Trick wrote and performed the theme song to The Colbert Report? Says so in their bio.]

Source: Trick Daddy Zander surrenders to the bay area beauty