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Tower of London Ravens – Favorite Name?

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Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee celebration is now underway.

This news reminds me of a funny little fact: Did you know that a group of ravens lives in the Tower of London?

Local superstition has it that “if the ravens leave, the Tower would fall and the Kingdom would fall,” so at least six captive ravens are kept in the Tower at all times.

And all the ravens — at least in the modern era — have had names.

According to various sources (like this BBC article from ’05) past birds have been called Baldrick, Bran, Branwen, Cedric, Charlie, Edgar Sopper, George, Grip, Grog, Gundulf, Gwyllum, Hardey, Jim Crow, Mabel, Marley, Odin, Rhys and Thor.

The current group consists of Erin (female), Hugine (female), Merlina (female), Munin (female), Pearl (female), Porsha (female) and Rocky (male).

Which raven name do you like best?

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And now for the very challenging follow-up question: If you had a set of six ravens living in your backyard — and their constant presence didn’t freak you out so much that you felt compelled to call animal control — what would you name them?

Source: The Ravens – Historic Royal Places
Image: Adapted from Raven by JohnBWilson