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Revisiting Celebrity Baby Names Sparrow and Harlow

Now this is intriguing. Musician Joel Madden, father of baby Sparrow, had this to say about Sparrow’s name in the most recent issue of People:

My worry raising a son in Hollywood is what will he have to struggle for? I wanted to give him a name that he’s going to have to stand up for.

Call me crazy, but I like his reasoning.

I don’t like the name.

I don’t think this is the best way to give a child something to “struggle for.” (How about a normal name, and the whole family start volunteering at a soup kitchen as soon as the kiddies are old enough? How cool would it be to teach your kids to “struggle for” the less fortunate?)

But I do like that he was thinking beyond style. That he was considering the value this name might have for his son one day. That he wants Sparrow to defend himself, and his identity, when he’s older.

Of course, the plan could backfire. Sparrow could grow up hating his name, hating his parents for giving him that name, and who knows what else.

But I hope it works. I hope Sparrow learns to take pride in his name, and that his name, in turn, helps teach him to be proud of himself.

Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii …Gets a Name Change

Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii — this used to be the actual name of a 9-year-old girl from New Zealand.

She had been so embarrassed by it that she “had refused to tell her friends her name and went simply by “K”.”

Then Judge Rob Murfitt stepped in. While presiding over a custody hearing for the girl, he decided to make her a ward of the court in order to change her name. He wrote in his ruling:

The court is profoundly concerned about the very poor judgment which this child’s parents have shown in choosing this name. It makes a fool of the child and sets her up with a social disability and handicap, unnecessarily.

Thank you, Judge Murfitt. You did the right thing.

Other baby names Judge Murfitt has seen in the NZ Family Court system include:

Cinderella Beauty Blossom (blocked)
Fat Boy (blocked)
Fish and Chips (twins) (blocked)
Hitler (blocked)
Kaos (blocked)
Keenan Got Lucy (blocked)
Midnight Chardonnay (allowed)
Number 16 Bus Shelter (allowed)
O.crnia (changed to Oceania)
Sex Fruit (blocked)
Spiral Cicada (blocked)
Stallion (blocked)
Twisty Poi (blocked)
Violence (allowed)
Yeah Detroit (blocked)

P.S. Yup, New Zealand is also where 4real‘s name was blocked. (Superman was later approved.)

Source: NZ judge orders ‘odd’ name change