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Popularity of the Baby Name Milada

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New Year’s Baby Names – Dagny, Gregory, Milada, Sylvester

Is your baby due sometime near New Year’s Day? Here’s a selection of name day and saint day names to consider:

  • December 29th – David (France), Milada (Slovakia), Tamás and Tamara (Hungarian), Thomas (Anglican; Roman Catholic)
  • December 30th – Abel (Sweden), David (various countries), Josephine (Church of England), Roger (France)
  • December 31st – Colombe (France), John (Anglican), Sylvester (various countries; Roman Catholic)
  • January 1st – Fruzsina (Hungarian), Vasil and Vasilena (Bulgaria)
  • January 2nd – Alexandra (Slovakia), Basil and Gregory (Anglican; Roman Catholic), Beatrix (Germany), Eliza (Anglican Church of Australia), Johann (Lutheran), Svea (Sweden)
  • January 3rd – Alfred (Sweden), Benjámin (Hungary), Daniela (Slovakia), Elmer (Finnish), Geneviève (France)
  • January 4th – Anastasia (Russia), Odilon (France), Rygobert (Polish), Titusz (Hungary)

Another fitting choice (especially if you’re an Ayn Rand fan) would be Dagny, which consists of two Old Norse words meaning “day” and “new” — hence, “new day.”