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Babies Named Birthright?

Elea’s list of curious baby names from 1871 included one that I found especially curious: Birthright.

I’d never seen the word “birthright” used as a baby name before, so I went searching for others.

Turns out that, over the last few centuries, the name Birthright has been given to dozens of babies — both male and female. Most of the time it’s used as a middle name.

My guess is that Birthright tends to represent a surname being passed down within a family, as was the case with Lemuel Birthright Stevens (1898-1977) of Tennessee, whose mother was Misniah Birthright.

Another interesting name from the 1871 list: Grace Darling. No doubt she was named after English life-saver Grace Darling (1815-1842). I’ve never blogged about Grace, but I have blogged about her American counterpart, Idawalley. (And also about Idawalley’s mother’s family.)

What curious names have you run into recently?