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Celebrity Baby Name “Hero” – Your Thoughts?

English singer Myleene Klass gave birth to her second child in February. She named the baby girl Hero.

Someone on Twitter disliked that choice, and told Myleene so: “is there any chance you could change your mind a give her a name she might appreciate in ten years!”

Surprisingly, Myleene engaged this person by sending an equally ungrammatical response: “are you crazy?! Her names amazing!!!!”

As expected, the ensuing conversation was skewed in favor of Hero, as the people following Myleene’s tweets are necessarily fans (who know that Myleene can see their responses).

So I thought we should take the discussion into neutral territory.

First question: Do you think Hero is a good name for a baby girl?

Second (meta-)question: Do you think it’s smart, from a PR-perspective, for celebrities to engage in online discussions/debates about their baby name choices? Is it “any press is good press,” or does it make celebs look foolish?

(Hat tip to Monsters and Critics for this one.)