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Qatari Baby Named Fifa Ahead of 2022 World Cup

This recent (& very short) news article seemed to me like a mash-up of older news:

A Qatari couple have shown their approval at their country being awarded the 2022 World Cup, by naming their baby ‘Fifa’.

Nayef Al Shimmari and his wife were planning to call their daughter Dana, until the decision last week.

“We saw that Qataris were truly overjoyed with the historic award and we wanted to contribute to the celebrations in our own way”, the mother told Arab newspaper Al Raya.

We saw babies named Fifa in South Africa (and elsewhere) during the 2010 World Cup, and babies named in anticipation of an upcoming sporting event in China in when babies were named Aoyun (short for Olympic Games) long before the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

Source: Couple from Qatar name newborn daughter ‘Fifa’