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Namibian Politician Wants to Ban Bad Baby Names

Should Namibia regulate baby names?

Foreign Affairs deputy minister Peya Mushelenga thinks so. Earlier this month, while discussing Namibia’s Child Care and Protection Bill with members of the National Assembly, he suggested the law be amended to ban baby names with negative connotations. The three examples he gave were all Oshiwambo names:

  • Mwalengwa, meaning “shame on you”
  • Mwaningasheninoonyoko, meaning “what you did with your mothers”
  • Ndalipo, meaning “I was there”

He said vengeful fathers were mainly to blame for “ridiculous names” like these, and that “the concept of the best interest of the children under Section Three should be expanded to provide that psychological harm may be caused by giving children controversial-sounding names.”

Source: MP proposes naming control