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Name Spotting in Toronto, Canada

Toward the end of July I spent a week in Toronto. I spotted a few interesting names while there.

In the Royal Ontario Museum I found these:

Hannah Jarvis painting Marie-Zoe Persillier painting

On the left are Hannah Jarvis and her daughters Maria Lavinia and Augusta Honoria. They were painted by American artist James Earl around 1791.

On the right is Marie-Zoé Persillier dite Lachapelle. She was likely painted by Canadian artist Jean-Baptiste Roy-Audy around 1845.

Both were in the Sigmund Samuel Gallery of Canada.


Also in the ROM I saw an installation of 32 drawings called “Beethoven 1-32” by German artist Jorinde Voigt.

the name Jorinde

I don’t know the etymology of her first name — perhaps it’s related to George? — but I do know that “Jorinde and Joringel” is a German fairy tale.


Lining the walls of local landmark Honest Ed’s were hundreds of old posters and photographs, including these two:

Urylee Leonardos photo Sonyke Cortidou photo

Urylee Leonardos (1910-1986) was a singer/actress on Broadway. I have no idea who Sonyke Cortidou was.


While walking Queen Street East just before the Beaches Jazz Festival StreetFest started, I found a billboard full of kids’ names.

kids names

Here are all the names I managed to get photos of:

Juliette, Chris, Jaya, Eric, Rain, Vishal, Dylan, Chantelle, Isabelle, Ashana, Julia, Arooba, Mien, Anamol, Iksa, Selena, Kyle, Sarah, Xuanji, Neha, Lasya, Elisha, Daneille, Danny, Ukasa, Huzaifa, Suchana, Manasa, Anuja, Mehul, Matteo, Wyatt, Ashanae, Emma, Tony, Helena, Lindsay, Chloe, Elizabeth, Erica, Matthew, Jarvis, Stephanie, Emi, Arujala, Lisa, Judy, Mateo, Zaccai, Bronwyny, Ervie, Mckayla, Taylor, Griffin, Callam, Mattas, Michelle, Dain, Aileen, Apurva, Aayush, Gloria, Josh, Deborah, Akshata

Which of the above do you like best?

Name Quotes for the Weekend #4

From a Grand Forks Herald article about local baby names:

Six-month-old Camber Shaw Foss, daughter of Jared and Christine Foss of Greenbush, Minn., is named for the brand of front spindle adjustment on the go-cart and the chassis on the car her father has been racing for years.

I couldn’t track down the brand, but I did find this: Camber angles.

From William D. Lindsey of the blog Bilgrimage:

There’s also the pattern–which makes family history easier at times, since it helps identify the hidden surnames of mothers–of giving the mother’s surname as a given name to a son, something my mother did in naming my middle brother Simpson. […] This pattern can result in unfortunate combinations, however, and for that reason ought sometimes to be considered carefully. In the Braselton side of my family, there’s a Head family that ties in by marriage in the 1700s back in Maryland, which united in marriage to a Bigger family, and chose to name a son Bigger Head–a choice I would not have made myself, I reckon.

From an article about bizarre baby names in West Auckland, New Zealand:

Plunket‘s most unusual West Auckland names include Problemo, Unique, Famous, Season, Stylez, Poison, Storm, Lovely, Hurricayn, Zepha and Potato.

Problemo and Potato! Both new to me.

From a Times of India article about baby names:

More and more young parents now want a name that is unique for their child. The common names like Gaurav, Amit, Rahul, Rohit, Mohit, Aditya, Aakanksha, Neha, Aditi, Preeti and Pooja have given way to trendy names like Alisah, Prioska, Aliyah, Natalia, Rachel, Nysa, Adam, Diva, Renae, Alina, Sarah and like.

UPDATE – Just tweeted by much-loved advice columnist Sugar:

It’s Raymond Carver’s birthday today. He’d be 74 if he were still alive. He was so important to me. My son, Carver, is named for him.

“Sugar” is the nom de plume of author Cheryl Strayed.

Here are quote lists #1, #2, and #3.

One-Hit Wonder Baby Names from the 2000s (so far)

Here are the one-hit wonder names of the first six years of this decade (2000 through 2005, inclusive):

Girl Names

  • Anneliese – #917 in 2005
  • Arleth – #818 in 2005 – influence: Arleth Terán
  • Arly – #950 in 2003
  • Beyonce – #700 in 2001 – influence: Beyoncé Knowles
  • Dafne – #967 in 2001
  • Dariana – #836 in 2000
  • Gwyneth – #958 in 2004 – influence: Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Heidy – #998 in 2004
  • Jolette – #949 in 2005 – influence: Jolette Hernández
  • Karyme – #935 in 2003 – influence: Karyme Lozano
  • Keila – #989 in 2001
  • Kiya – #961 in 2002
  • Maiya – #994 in 2000
  • Mikaila – #936 in 2001
  • Mikalah – #805 in 2005
  • Montserrat – #972 in 2005
  • Nallely – #773 in 2001
  • Nayely – #731 in 2001
  • Neha – #969 in 2000
  • Rianna – #860 in 2002 – influence: Rihanna
  • Taina – #912 in 2001
  • Treasure – #892 in 2004
  • Yamilet – #841 in 2000

Boy Names

  • Adin – #996 in 2005
  • Ajay – #1000 in 2003
  • Andon – #863 in 2004
  • Damari – #898 in 2005
  • Daunte – #965 in 2001
  • Dayne – #994 in 2000
  • Jaheem – #889 in 2002
  • Jahir – #811 in 2003
  • Jaquez – #957 in 2002
  • Jayvon – #970 in 2004
  • Koda – #943 in 2004
  • Lisandro – #901 in 2002
  • Luc – #930 in 2002
  • Makhi – #920 in 2005
  • Mordechai – #962 in 2003
  • Osbaldo – #976 in 2002
  • Trenten – #973 in 2004
  • Yousef – #998 in 2002

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