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Unusual Baby Name: Neon

My prodigious Pandora usage has lead to yet another name discovery: Neon Hitch.

The British singer, born in 1985, grew up on a bus. In fact, Neon and her nomadic family were featured in a BBC documentary [vid] about travellers.

Where did her name come from?

My parents are very into psychedelia. My dad is a lighting technician, so I think that’s a big part of it. He was driving through Piccadilly Circus – it’s like a sh*t version of Times Square – and he saw [the] lights and he decided that was it, Neon should be my name. I spent my whole childhood hating my parents for giving me such a weird name but at last, it works.

Here’s more on how she felt about the name:

I went through that phase where you’re a young kid and you want to fit in. I would see these kids who had normal names, had a house they could invite their friends over, and I was like, “Mom, I hate you. Why did you call me Neon? I have the stupidest name ever!” At one time I wanted to change my name to Melanie, like from the Spice Girls. I was like, “I just want to be a normal person.” But that was a tiny little phase, and then I was like, “You know what? You have to like who you are, whoever you are, and you have to own it.”

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Source: Discovery: Neon Hitch, Neon Hitch Trades Circus Life for Music Industry