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Family in California with 17 Children

Vladimir and Zynaida Chernenko of Rancho Cordova, California, welcomed their 17th child in December of 2005.

Here are the names and ages (in 2005) of all 17:

  • Sergey, 22 years old
  • Liliya, 20
  • Andrey, 19
  • Dimitry, 18
  • Anatoliy, 17
  • Lyudmila, 16
  • Anna, 14
  • Vitaliy, 13
  • Oksana, 11
  • Svetlana, 10
  • Inna, 9
  • Vyacheslav, 8
  • Pavel, 6
  • Diana, 5
  • Alina, 3
  • Timofei, 2
  • David, newborn

The first 11 were born in the Ukraine; the last 6 were born after the family moved to the U.S.

Rancho Cordova is part of the Sacramento area, were the “the average family has 3.19 members, according to U.S. Census Bureau statistics.”

The census stops counting once households reach seven or more. Those households make up about 2% of the region of the Sacramento region’s population.

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