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2008 Blog Action Day Theme is Poverty

It’s Blog Action Day again. This year, the theme is Poverty.

Earlier this year, I collected interesting names from microfinance organization Kiva. For today’s post, I did the same thing–but this time I concentrated on a few of the world’s poorest countries:

Benin Afflèhoun, Aïchatou, Allodjessi, Chakiratou, Djémilath, Djidjoho, Kingniké, Kotchire, Mahougnon, Missèbo, Moulikatou, Roukiyatou
Nigeria Chinoye, Dasola, Ejime, Jemilatu, Modupe, Musilimot, Olabisi, Olayinka, Oluwakemi, Omoyenmwen, Osamede, Rukayat
Senegal Aramatoulaye, Astou, Codou, Diariatou, Diouma, Fatou, Fatoumata, Gnima, Maimouna, Ndèye, Ngone, Tiguida
Sierra Leone Adama, Demoh, Ferembe, Hassanatu, Isatu, Kadiatu, Kankoh, Lamrana, Mariatu, Salamatu, Wankaia, Yorobailo
Tanzania Mashavu, Mkasi, Mtumwa, Mwanajuma, Mwanakhamis, Ndeshifose, Ndetomariswa, Nihifadhi, Rehema, Riziki, Tetwas, Zainab

All of the names above belong to entrepreneurs whose loans were funded not by banks, but by individuals like you and me. (That’s the whole idea behind microfinance.)

Want to get involved? Well…you can’t. Not right now, at least:

Thanks Kiva Lenders! You’ve funded EVERY loan on the site!!

To date, Kiva has enabled lenders to send $46,096,385 to the working poor around the world.

According to Kiva, all of the loans to date “have been fully funded”–which is fantastic news! They are working to approve new loan applications every day, though, so keep checking back for the latest updates…

P.S. The theme for last year was the Environment.