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Popularity of the Baby Name Otha

Number of Babies Named Otha

Born in the U.S. Since 1880

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Unusual Real Names – Delazon, Person, Rensselear, Spark, Zell

A new batch of unusual political names:

  • Bainbridge Wadleigh (1831-1891) – Senator from New Hampshire.
  • Delazon Smith (1816-1860) – Senator from Oregon.
  • Eni Fa’aua’a Hunkin Faleomavaega (born in 1943) – Delegate from American Samoa.
  • Green Clay Smith (1826-1895) – Representative from Kentucky. (Later, Territorial Governor of Montana.)
  • Montfort Stokes (1762-1842) – Senator from North Carolina. (Later, Governor of North Carolina.)
  • Otha Donner Wearin (1903-1990) – Representative from Iowa.
  • Person Colby Cheney (1828-1901) – Senator from New Hampshire. (Previously the Governor of New Hampshire.)
  • Rensselaer Westerlo (1776-1851) – Representative from New York.
  • Spark Masayuki Matsunaga (1916-1990) – Senator from Hawaii. (Previously a Representative from Hawaii.)
  • Zell Bryan Miller (born in 1932) – Senator from Georgia. (Previously the Governor of Georgia.)

Update, 6/12/15: Just learned that Green Clay Smith was named for his maternal grandfather Green Clay.