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Baby Names from “Adult” Pet Names?

This is an awkward one.

Anthony Panther West was the son of British authors H. G. Wells and Rebecca West.

He was the result of an affair, and his middle name was inspired by a sexually charged pet name:

But by the autumn of 1913 the lovers were addressing each other as “Jaguar” (Wells) and “Panther” (West). By December, West was pregnant. Rusticated to the Norfolk coast, she gave birth to their son on Aug. 4, 1914. His name has the aura of a neglectful curse: Anthony Panther West. For a family name, he had his mother’s ambitions (and Ibsen’s ghost); for a middle name, he had her feline prowess in bed; his famous father appeared nowhere.

“Her feline prowess in bed.” Um…ew.

Reminds me of baby names based on conception locations. More ew.

Do you know of any other baby names like this one? I can’t think of any…

(H.G.’s given names were Herbert George, btw.)

Source: Kendrick, Walter. “The Key to Rebecca.” New York Times 27 Oct. 1996, Books.