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Easter Baby Named Pascaline

I’ve posted about plenty of babies named after the boats on which they were born (e.g. Australis, Burgess, El Nil, Jesse Roper, Numidian) so here’s something new — a baby born on a boat, but named after the holiday on which she was born:

La Champagne, like the Cedric, had a pleasant voyage and reported, as her principal contribution to the news of the day, the fact that on Easter Sunday there had been born on board the liner a little girl to Mme. Boyer, one of the cabin passengers. The baby was named Pascaline.

A much better choice than “Champagne,” certainly.

Pascaline is related to the adjective paschal, which refers to both Passover and Easter. Many babies born around the time of Easter/Passover have been given some form of this name (Pascal/Pascaline, Pascual/Pascuala, Pasquale/Pasquala, etc.)

Source: “Liners’ Good Weather.” New York Times 20 Apr. 1903: 3.