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Popularity of the Baby Name Peppermint

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43 Unique Noun-Names

I’m fascinated by personal names that, out of context, don’t appear to be names at all. Especially when said names are created from everyday nouns and proper nouns — places, foods, animals, objects, brands, ideas, events, institutions, organizations, qualities, phenomena, and so forth.

My fascination kicked into high gear after I wrote about noun-names earlier this year. Ever since, I’ve kept my eyes peeled for noun-names.

So far, I’ve collected hundreds. But it’s going to take me a while to blog about all of them. In the meanwhile, I thought I’d list some of the strangest ones I’ve already talked about:

  1. Bandit
  2. Cape Cod
  3. Captivity
  4. Celerie (celery)
  5. Danger
  6. Eclipse
  7. Emancipation Proclamation
  8. Emirates
  9. Eiffel Tower
  10. Facebook
  11. Fourth
  12. Freeway
  13. Funeral
  14. Golden Palace
  15. Halloween
  16. Helsinki
  17. Jeep
  18. Joker
  19. Key West
  20. Knuckles
  21. Legal Tender
  22. Metallica
  23. Oleomargarine
  24. Opera House
  25. Orbit
  26. Peaches
  27. Pebbles
  28. Peppermint
  29. Prohibition
  30. Rainbow
  31. Shotgun
  32. Skylab
  33. Soccer City
  34. Sou’Wester
  35. Strawberry
  36. Suffrage
  37. Tahiti
  38. Trooper
  39. Tsunami
  40. Union Jack
  41. Vick Vaporup (Vicks VapoRub)
  42. Wilmot Proviso
  43. Zeppelin

Did I skip any good ones? Let me know in the comments!


Later additions…

  1. Sputnik, 10/4
  2. Nintendo, 10/22
  3. Annexation, 10/25
  4. Windchime, 11/9
  5. Oregon Territory, 11/22
  6. Gold Dust, 11/29

Peppermint: Coffee Substitute & Baby Name

Mint TeaCaffeine makes you more alert (and hence more persuadable), and a warm drink in your hands could coax you to “make more generous decisions.” So brewing a cup of coffee or tea for your partner before talking baby names is a smart move.

But what if your partner isn’t into coffee or tea? For instance, what if your partner is watching her caffeine intake due to, oh, pregnancy or something?

Well, in that case, here’s an alternative: peppermint tea.

It’s an herbal “tea” that doesn’t include tea (Camellia sinensis) at all, so there’s no caffeine. But it’s got a scent that’s been proven to help people stay alert, it’s served hot, and it’s safe to consume during pregnancy.

P.S. I know of at least two people named Peppermint–one in England, one in Germany. The SSDI doesn’t include any Peppermints, but it does list a Spearmint (Spearmint Smith, 1934-1986, born in Virginia).


Image: Black Asian teapot with mint tea by Rua’a Shahahdeh

English Siblings Named Peppermint, Frodo, Blackbird, Voorhees, etc.

Sara Foss of Derby, England, has 13 children. Their names are:

  1. Patrick, 23
  2. Stephen, 13
  3. Malachai, 12
  4. Peppermint, 11
  5. Echo, 10
  6. Eli, 9
  7. Rogue, 8
  8. Frodo, 7
  9. Morpheus, 5
  10. Artemis, 4
  11. Blackbird, 3
  12. Baudelaire, 2
  13. Voorhees, 9 months

My first thought was: A mom of 13 has time to read Baudelaire? (And, if so, she really thought naming a child after him was an appropriate thing to do?)

But it seems like Sara is more the movie type. Rogue, Frodo, Morpheus and Voorhees’s names look like they come from X-Men (2000), The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), The Matrix Reloaded (2003) and Friday the 13th (2009). Perhaps Baudelaire’s name came from Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004)? The dates don’t quite match up, but that’s all I can think of.

And now, two questions for you: Sara’s having baby #14 in April. What do you think the name will be? She’s also eager to have twins one day. If she ever does, what should their names be?

Source: Mum of 13: I won’t stop until I’ve had twins