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Popularity of the Baby Name Pingan

Number of Babies Named Pingan

Born in the U.S. Since 1880

Posts that Mention the Name Pingan

Names in the News: Pingan, Jeremy, Francesca Marina

Three recent name stories featuring rescued babies:

  • Pingan: In March of 2014, a woman in labor and her husband were traveling to the hospital in Fujian, China, when their motorbike was hit by a truck. The couple did not survive, but their baby boy did. He has since been named Pingan, which means “safe and sound” in Chinese.
  • Jeremy: In April of 2015, Australian paramedics Jeremy Lawrance and Alex May saved the life of a baby boy who “emerged blue with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck.” The baby’s parents named him Jeremy Alex, in honor of paramedics.
  • Francesca Marina: In May of 2015, the Italian navy (Marina Militare) rescued thousands of migrants in the Mediterranean. One of those migrants was a pregnant Nigerian woman who ended up giving birth aboard a navy vessel. The baby girl was named Francesca Marina — Francesca after Francis of Assisi, Marina in honor of the navy. “To her mother, she is simply called Gift.”

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