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Earth Day Idea – Check Scientific Names for Baby Names

Woolly Bear

I was doing some research on woolly bears the other day. Know what I discovered? The species name is Isabella.

I don’t know where the isabella in Pyrrharctia isabella comes from. Looks like the species was first identified by a fellow named James Edward Smith, and it wasn’t named for his wife–she was a Pleasance.

But wouldn’t Isabella be a cute name for the daughter of someone who has a strong affinity for woolly bears? (And, honestly, who doesn’t have a strong affinity for woolly bears?)

Millions of species have been formally described. If you happen to have some preferences (favorite flowers, birds, dinosaurs, etc.), why not check the scientific names? You never know what baby names might be hidden there.

Image: Adapted from Wooly Bear Caterpillar to Tiger Moth by Tony Fischer under CC BY 2.0.