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Popularity of the Baby Name Quaver

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Family with 16 Alphabetical Baby Names

You guys seemed to like last week’s big family post, so I’ll try to write more posts like that one in the coming weeks.

Let’s start with the Ginn family of Georgia, circa 1931.

Bowman, Ga., July 14 (AP) – For family nomenclature Mr. and Mrs. John R. Ginn, who live near here, recommend the alphabetical system, especially for a family with 16 children.

Relative ages, they find, are easily called to mind and all element of error is practically eliminated in giving a complete enumeration.

Their children are named as follows: Brodie, Corbin, Dorcas, Elmira, Fezzan, Gregor, Hassie, Ithmar, Jessie, Kester, Lisbon, Manson, Nelson, Ornice, Pascal and Quaver.

In 1900, according to the Census, the Ginns had just one child. By 1910, they had 8. And in 1920, 14.

Which of the 16 names do you like best?

And, if you could complete the set — add 10 names, one that starts with A, the rest starting with R through Z — which names would you choose?

Source: “Alphabetical System Used to Name Children.” Reading Eagle 14 Jul. 1931: 7.