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Rare Girl Names from Early Cinema: Q

queenie, movie, 1921It’s the next batch of under-the-radar girl names from old movies! We’re on Q, so the list is short:

Queenie Leonard was an actress who appeared in films from the 1940s to the 1960s. She was born in England in 1905. Her birth name was Pearl Walker. Queenie was also a character name in multiple films, including Dad’s Knockout (short, 1918) and Queenie (1921).

Princess Querida was a character played by actress Carmen Miranda in the film Greenwich Village (1944).

Anna Quirentia Nilsson, often called “Anna Q.,” was an actress who appeared in films from the 1910s to the 1950s. She was born in Sweden in 1888 (on March 30, the feast day of Quirinus of Neuss).

Quita was a character played by actress Lule Warrenton in the film Rose of Nome (1920).

  • Usage of the baby name Quita.

Quinetrea was a character played by actress Rosemary Theby in the film The Reincarnation of Karma (1912).

…Which of these five Q-names do you like best?

Phone Book Fishing in Wyoming – Brownie, Mrityunjal, Scholastique, Ubaldo

I just went through a fairly recent copy of the Laramie, Wyoming phone book. (Yes, I went through the whole thing — it’s only about 60 pages long.) Here are some of the names I came across.

A: Altamae, Amarante, Anet, Ania, Azize
B: Borgia, Bowdoin, Braeton, Brownie, Brunza, Bunny, Burkett
C: Cambria, Capri, Carlinda, Celestin, Changyul, Chavawn, Chimpalthradi, Clynn, Crecencio
D: Desharia, Dolphus, Dorea, Dubie
E: Eino, Eloy, Enja, Erambo Ayokosok, Erasmo, Eustorgio
F: Farkas, Floraida, Florian, Foncey
G: Gamal, Gavino, Guoying
H: Hakima, Halcyon, Hartzell, Heikki, Hyoen
I: Ineta
J: Jayaramreddy, Jeniel, Jenise, Jonlee
K: Kaijsa, Koren, Kurk, Kusum
L: Latazia, Lay-Nah, Linse
M: Maciej, Maimo, Manmohan, Mannory, Marinus, Maryalice, Masahiro, Mikkelina, Mima, Minden, Mrityunjal, Murat, Mustapha, Mylon, Myrcena
N: N’Kole, Navamoney, Neulette, Ninnie
O: Octaviano, Odean, Oundalyn
P: Petter, Pinky
Q: Quee-Young, Quita
R: Rabinder, Reinette, Ridge, Rogene, Royal
S: Sadrul, Scholastique, Servando, Shealeen, Sneh, Snehalata, Star, Storm, Sukky, Suresh
T: Terena, Tibereu, Towana, Trice, Tylin
U: Ubaldo, Ushakant, Uvalda
V: Vidal, Vinita, Vipul, Vladimir
W: Wangtii, Warrie, West, Windy
Y: Yujie, Yujung
Z: Zoltan, Zondra

I’ve also found other cool names in phone books from Indiana, Illinois, and Indiana again.