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Spelling Tip for Creative Baby Names – Don’t Mess with Qu

I noticed Qwinton and Qynn while scanning thousands of Albertan baby names the other day. Qwinton looks like it’s based on Quinton, and I believe Qynn is meant to be a form of Quinn.

I’m not a linguist, so I can’t give you the history of qu, but I can tell you that altering this digraph to spice up a baby name is a bad idea.

Qwinton works, I suppose, but it looks awkward. It looks like the Kwik-E-Mart version of Quinton.

Qynn doesn’t work at all. It sounds like kin, not like Quinn. Kin may be a pleasant association — oddly fitting for a new baby, in fact — but it’s probably not the pronunciation Qynn’s parents had been aiming for.

P.S. I’ve also posted about hard C vs. soft C, hard G vs. soft G and doubling consonants. Just in case you were craving even more unsolicited spelling advice today.