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Baby Named Rajah for Shriners Temple

In late 1912, the Shriners of Rajah Temple in Reading, Pennsylvania, elected a new potentate.

[Translation: “Shriners” are members of a men’s fraternal organization today called Shriners International, a “temple” is a Shriners buidling, and a “potentate” is the leader of a temple.]

At that 1912 election ceremony, it was revealed that one Shriner had named his son after Rajah Temple:

Following this presentation, there was another surprise when Noble Edward Scholl of Allentown, was called to the floor by Potentate Reichenbach. Noble Scholl promptly responded when Chief Rabban George W. Beggs stepped forward and in a neat speech said that Rajah Temple felt highly honored to have a baby boy named “Rajah” after the Temple and upon learning that Noble Scholl was the happy father, presented him for his son, with a beautiful silver cup and spoon inscribed “Rajah” and both containing the initials of the baby. Noble Scholl fittingly responded.

The boy’s full name was Theodore Rajah Scholl.

Source: “Shriners Select New Potentate for Rajah.” Reading Eagle 27 Dec. 1912: 1+