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Popularity of the Baby Name Randi

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How do you like your name, Miranda?

It’s another name interview! This one is with Miranda, a 22-year-old from Missouri.

What’s the story behind her name?

There isn’t really a story behind it, my parents just liked it.

What does she like most about her name?

Because I’m a writer, I like to warn people of their “Miranda writes” — anything you say or do could end up in a story!

What does she like least about her name?

I’ve never loved my name but I don’t dislike it either. One thing that was annoying about it when I was a child is that my first grade teacher would tell us to write our names on our papers and then move on to explaining what to do before I had finished writing all seven letters of my name. I also get a lot of misspellings (Maranda and Meranda most commonly) and even some mispronunciations. More recently, I dislike the association with Miranda Sings.

Finally, would Miranda recommend that her name be given to babies today?

Not yet. It feels too 80s/90s to me to be given to a child. Maybe in time. If anyone is considering using the name Miranda, I would suggest having a nickname ready since the name is kind of long. I like Randi, it just never really caught on.

Thank you, Miranda!

[Would you like to tell me about your name?]

The Arrival of Randye

randye, baby name, 1949, triplets
Most of the Herman family, 1949

The baby name Randye debuted in the U.S. baby name data in 1949. The usage was primarily in New York state.

YearRandye, usage in U.S.Randye, usage in N.Y.
195311 baby girls10 baby girls
195224 baby girls11 baby girls
195112 baby girls6 baby girls
19509 baby girls6 baby girls
194924 baby girls [debut]14 baby girls [debut]

Why the debut, and why New York?

Because of a set of identical triplets born to New York City couple Murray and Marjorie Herman in May of 1949. The three girls were born at Polyclinic Hospital and named Jaimye, Randye, and Vickye.

My guess is that the triplets — plus their older sister, Leslye — were featured in the local news throughout their childhood. All four of must have been in the papers around 1952, for instance, because usage of three of the four names increased that year.

Female usage of names similar to Randye (like Randy and Randi) were seeing higher usage in general during this time period, likely thanks to the influence of movie actress Randy Stuart (born Elizabeth Shaubell).


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