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Popularity of the Baby Name Renesme

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Born in the U.S. Since 1880

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Unique American Baby Names of 2009 (Girls’ Edition)

Here are some baby girl names that were given to at least five but no more than 99 babies in the United States last year. (I published the equivalent boys’ list a little while ago.)


  • Miangel (65) – Mi angel
  • Myangel (31) – My angel
  • Imunique (12) – I’m unique
  • Miamor (9) – Mi amor
  • Wesleigh (8) – Wesley, though it looks more like “we sleigh” to me.
  • Amunique (6) – Am unique
  • Mylove (6) – My love
  • Pennylane (5)


  • Seven (28)
  • Amillion (7)

The -ities

  • Vanity (52)
  • Divinity (45)
  • Verity (33)
  • Chastity (30)
  • Amity (27)
  • Unity (27)
  • Clarity (21)
  • Purity (17)
  • Infinity (14)
  • Reality (11)
  • Sincerity (8)
  • Prosperity (7)
  • Serendipity (5)

Very hush-hush

  • Whisper (20)
  • Secret (11)


  • Jasper (31)
  • Renesmee (17) and Renesme (5)
  • Carlisle (12)
  • Twilight (7)
  • Cullen (5)

And finally…

Attention TwiHard: Please Don’t Name Your Baby Renesmee

I’ve seen a second baby named Renesmee. This is starting to worry me.

The first was born in Scotland last year. The second was born in Plymouth, New Hampshire on New Year’s Day.

I think it’s time for an intervention.

If you’re an expectant TwiHard who believes Renesmee might just make a good baby name, please stop and think about these three questions first:

1. “Renesmee” is rather inelegant, isn’t it? Yes, it is. It’s the baby name equivalent of a car crash. Stephenie Meyer at the wheel, taking out innocent bystanders Renée and Esmé. If you like the sounds in the name, untangle it and simply use Renée Esmé or Esmé Renée.

2. What’s wrong with all the other female names in Twilight? Nothing at all. Isabella (Bella), Rosalie, Alice, Heidi, Leah, Katrina (Kate), Esmé, Renée…all great names that weren’t invented for–and therefore won’t always be associated with–Twilight. That’s a good thing.

3. Is the name of a fictitious vampire/human hybrid baby in a poorly written YA book really more important to you than, say, a family name? I hope not. Try using the Renesmee formula instead of the name itself. If the baby’s grandmothers’ names are Anne and Isabel, for instance, go with Annabella.

Naming under the influence can be dangerous. Please forward this to anyone you know who, due to a Twilight addiction, may be considering giving the name Renesmee to a real-life, non-vampire baby.

(In the meanwhile, let me know if you hear about or meet any other babies named Renesmee.)

IMPORTANT UPDATE TO THIS DISCUSSION: “I Would Never Name a Real Child Renesmee” -Stephenie Meyer

Baby Names in Scotland – Jack, Sophie, Ringo, Renesme

Scotland’s most popular baby names of 2009 have been released. The top five boy names are Jack, Lewis, James, Liam and Logan. The top five girl names are Sophie, Olivia, Ava, Emily and Lucy. The biggest climbers since last year are Owen and Miley.

And here are some baby names that were used just once:

Girls Boys

Didn’t take long for a version of Renesmee to pop up on a birth certificate somewhere, did it?

Demi-Star made me think of bras. Like, Demi-Star must be the sexier version of regular Star. (There was only one baby girl named Star, by the way, but four baby girls named Starr. I wonder why the double-R version is more popular.)

Source: GRO Scotland