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My 10 Favorite Uniquely ’80s Baby Names

80s baby names

Love baby names? Love the ’80s? Then you’ll love this list!

Out of the nearly 12,000 baby names that debuted on the charts from 1980 to 1989 (inclusive), here are 10 that are particularly symbolic of the ’80s.

All 10 are legit baby names straight from the SSA’s lists!

  1. MacGyver. The baby name MacGyver, inspired by TV character Angus MacGyver, debuted on the baby name charts in 1989.
  2. Rambo. The baby name Rambo, inspired by movie character John Rambo, debuted on the baby name charts in 1984.
  3. Cheetara. The baby name Cheetara, inspired by ThunderCats character Cheetara, debuted on the baby name charts in 1985.
  4. DeLorean. The baby name DeLorean, inspired by the car, debuted on the baby name charts in 1982.
  5. Cetera. The baby name Cetera, inspired by singer Peter Cetera, debuted on the baby name charts in 1987.
  6. Malcolmjamal. The baby name Malcolmjamal, inspired by Cosby Show actor Malcolm-Jamal Warner, debuted on the baby name charts in 1986.
  7. Atreyu. The baby name Atreyu, inspired by the NeverEnding Story character Atreyu, debuted on the baby name charts in 1985.
  8. Martika. The baby name Martika, inspired by singer Martika, debuted on the baby name charts in 1986.
  9. Luka. The baby name Luka, inspired by the song “Luka” by Suzanne Vega, debuted as a girl name on the baby name charts in 1987.
  10. Jareth. The baby name Jareth, inspired by the Labyrinth character Jareth, debuted on the baby name charts in 1986.

Runners-up: Axl, Enya, Jeanluc, Jordache, Roxette, Wrangler.

Do YOU have any favorite ’80s baby names?

P.S. Here are my 10 favorite uniquely ’70s and ’90s baby names.

How Many Babies Were Named After Jodeci?

Jodeci albumWe know there are people out there named after Bon Jovi, Danity Kane and Roxette. Even Starship. So how about Jodeci?

Yup. In 1990, the four-man R&B group Jodeci was formed by Joel “JoJo” Hailey, Donald “DeVante Swing” DeGrate, Dalvin “Mr. Dalvin” DeGrate, and Cedric “K-Ci” Hailey. The name of the band was pieced together from the jo of JoJo, the de of DeGrate, and the ci of K-Ci.

Jodeci’s first album, the successful Forever My Lady, was released in 1991. Sure enough, that’s the year we start seeing babies named Jodeci:

  • 1996: 29 girls, 13 boys named Jodeci
  • 1995: 32 girls, 15 boys named Jodeci
  • 1994: 19 girls, 23 boys named Jodeci
  • 1993: 33 girls, 29 boys named Jodeci
  • 1992: 77 girls, 94 boys named Jodeci
  • 1991: 13 girls, 12 boys named Jodeci [debut]
  • 1990: unlisted

The group put out a second album in 1993, a third in 1995, then went on hiatus in 1996. After they stopped releasing new material, usage of the name declined.

A related name that was used around this time was K-Ci:

  • 2001: unlisted
  • 2000: 6 boys named K-Ci
  • 1999: 6 boys named K-Ci
  • 1998: 5 boys named K-Ci
  • 1997: unlisted
  • 1996: unlisted
  • 1995: 7 boys named K-Ci [debut]
  • 1994: unlisted

This one was helped along by the band K-Ci & JoJo, formed by two Jodeci members around 1996.

The names Jodeci and K-Ci may be down, but don’t count them out. In about a month, a reality TV show starring K-Ci and JoJo will premiere on TVOne. Also, there’s a talented high school football player out there named Jodeci Mays. (He scored seven touchdowns a couple of weeks ago.) Visibility often leads to usage, so the TV show and/or the athlete could help revive the names, you never know…

How Many Babies Were Named After Roxette?

The baby name Roxette debuted in the US baby name data in 1989.

In the late ’80s, an American exchange student in Sweden named Dean Cushman discovered the Swedish pop duo Roxette. Impressed, he brought a CD of their second album, Look Sharp! (1988), back to the States.

He told a local radio station about the band, and the station began to play the track “The Look” on the air. Other stations soon followed suit. “By the time official promotion began, the song had already soared onto the Feb. 11, 1989, Billboard Hot 100 at No. 50.”

Four singles from Look Sharp! ended up charting: “The Look” hit #1 in April of 1989, “Dressed for Success” peaked at #14 in July, “Listen To Your Heart” became their second #1 song in November, and “Dangerous” reached #2 in March of 1990.

We can see the influence of Roxette’s newfound U.S. popularity on the U.S. baby name charts as well. Nearly 30 baby girls have been named Roxette since in 1989:

  • 1994: unlisted
  • 1993: 6 baby girls named Roxette
  • 1992: 7 baby girls named Roxette
  • 1991: 5 baby girls named Roxette
  • 1990: 6 baby girls named Roxette
  • 1989: 5 baby girls named Roxette [debut]
  • 1988: unlisted

Here’s the song that kicked it all off:

Roxette (the name) appeared on the the U.S. baby name charts for almost as long as Roxette (the band) was putting out singles that appeared on the U.S. music charts. The name dropped out of the data in 1994 — the last year that Roxette had a song (“Sleeping In My Car”) in the Hot 100.

Band members Marie Fredriksson and Per* Gessle had formed the band in 1986. The name Roxette came from the 1974 song “Roxette” by British rock band Dr. Feelgood. (Not to be confused with the 1989 song “Dr. Feelgood” by American rock band Mötley Crüe.)

What are your thoughts on the baby name Roxette?

Update: Roxette came back! For one year, anyway. It reappeared in the data in 2012, bringing the grand total of U.S. baby girls named Roxette up to (at least) 35.

Source: Roxette Chart History – Billboard, Rewinding the Charts: In 1989, Roxette Roared Onto the Hot 100 With ‘The Look’

*Per is a form of Peter.