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Poll Results – Coolest Presidential Name is Lyndon

A total of 157 people voted in the Coolest Presidential Name poll. Here are the results:

I wasn’t too surprised that Lyndon and Ulysses claimed the top two spots. Lyndon, as Cathy points out, fits well with “today’s naming trends.” And Ulysses, as Camilla notes, might be appealing because it “isn’t a surname-as-first-name” like the other names on the list.

Next poll, coming up!

UPDATE, 11/2013: The first Presidential Name poll closed a long time ago, but I’ve just opened up a second one in the original post – go vote!

Poll – Coolest Presidential Name?

With the election coming up, I thought I might try a “presidential” theme for this poll. Which one of the following (rather unusual) presidential forenames is your favorite?

Even better: Would you consider giving any of the above to one of your own children? Which one(s)?

UPDATE, 11/2013: Here are the original results, but let’s try a brand new poll! Vote below:

Which do you prefer?

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