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Shea, Shae, Shay – Girl Names or Boy Names?

Shea, Shae and Shay - girl names or boy names?

This question has been bringing a lot of traffic to my blog lately, so I thought I’d post about it and see what everyone thinks.

Most of us know of Shea as a surname and/or a stadium name. Shea doesn’t currently rank in the top 1,000 for either boys or girls, but the name and its various spellings do appear further down on the SSA’s list:

Shea 247 girls 155 boys
Shae 114 girls 25 boys
Shay 107 girls 82 boys
Shaye 39 girls 20 boys
Shai* 34 girls 44 boys
Totals: 541 (62%) 326 (38%)

Most versions are used more often for girls than for boys.

What do you think — is Shea a boy name or a girl name? How about other versions of the name? (Does spelling matter?)

*Commenter Panya correctly notes that Shai also happens to be an unrelated Hebrew name. It’s impossible to know which Shais are which, though, so I just counted them all as versions of Shea above.