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Biggest Baby Name Debuts of All Time: Girls, 20 to 11

biggest baby name debuts of all time, girl names, 20 to 11

Here’s the second-to-last installment of the top baby name debuts for girls. No more ties from here on out.

From 20 to 11:

Azure, #20

  • Azure debuted with 121 baby girls in 1975.
    Inspired by Azure Dee, a character on the TV detective series “Kojak.” (Or by the song “Azure Dee,” inspired by the character and sung by Telly Savalas for that particular episode.)

Sharde, #19

  • Sharde debuted with 124 baby girls in 1985.
    Inspired by singer Sade [shah-DAY].

Shardae, #18

  • Shardae debuted with 129 baby girls in 1985.
    Same reason as #19.

Yamilex, #17

  • Yamilex debuted with 130 baby girls in 1995.
    Inspired by Jamilex, a character on the telenovela “Como Tu, Ninguna.”

Chastelyn, #16

  • Chastelyn debuted with 150 baby girls in 2009.
    Inspired by Chastelyn Rodriguez, a contestant on the TV beauty pageant “Nuestra Belleza Latina 2009.”

Cassandr, #15

Jacqueli, #14

  • Jacqueli debuted with 157 baby girls in 1989.
    Same reason as #15.

Toccara, #13

  • Toccara debuted with 182 baby girls in 1981.
    Inspired by the Avon perfume Toccara.

Yaire, #12

  • Yaire debuted with 184 baby girls in 2001.
    Inspired by singer Yaire.

Ajee, #11

  • Ajee debuted with 185 baby girls in 1994.
    Inspired by the Revlon perfume Ajee.

Several of the names above foreshadow some of the names on tomorrow’s top 10 list.

Care to make any guesses about the names in the top 10?

*The Top 50 Baby Name Debuts for Girls: 50-41, 40-31, 30-21, 20-11, 10-1*

Biggest Baby Name Debuts of the 1980s

I’ve already posted a year-by-year list of the top baby name debuts, but I thought it might be fun to look at top debut names decade-by-decade as well.

So let’s start with the ’80s.

Here are all the “100+” debut names of the 1980s. Each went from being given to fewer than 5 babies a year to suddenly being given to more than 100 babies in one particular year. (I’m ignoring the glitch names of ’89.)

  1. Sade: 392 baby girls in 1985
  2. Fallon: 232 baby girls in 1981
  3. Toccara: 182 baby girls in 1981
  4. Cordero: 173 baby boys in 1986
  5. Khiry: 158 baby boys in 1989
  6. Shardae: 129 baby girls in 1985
  7. Sharde: 124 baby girls in 1985
  8. Jaleesa: 116 baby girls in 1987
  9. Sharday: 100 baby girls in 1985

Not surprisingly, all nine can be traced back to pop culture:

  • Sade, Shardae, Sharde & Sharday were inspired by Sade.
  • Fallon was inspired by Dynasty.
  • Toccara was inspired by Toccara perfume.
  • Cordero was inspired by soap opera One Life to Live.
  • Khiry was inspired by The Boys.
  • Jaleesa was inspired by A Different World.

Which decade should we do next?