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Popularity of the Baby Name Shirlee

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Born in the U.S. Since 1880

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Named Shirley? Join the Club.

Seriously — join the Shirley Club.

The Shirley Club, exclusively for people named Shirley, was created in Australia in 1996 by a woman named Shirley Brown.

More than 120 Shirleys showed up at the inaugural Shirley convention in Alice Springs in 2001, establishing a Guinness record for the most people with the same name in one place. (The record was soon broken by a Maria gathering Spain, then by a Mohammed gathering in Dubai.)

Here’s the website for original Shirley Club, and here’s the link to Shirley Club USA, founded in 2009 by Shirley Rose.

According to the Shirley Club USA FAQ, people with alternative spellings of the name are also eligible for membership: “Even if you spell it Shirlee, Shirlie or some other unique way, if you look up when someone calls out “Shirley”, then you qualify!”