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Road Trip Roundup: Brynhild

After going to the capitol building in Pierre, South Dakota, we decided to check out the capitol building in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Capitol - Bismarck, ND

(The styles of the two buildings were starkly different, which was interesting.)

Inside, above a door leading into a conference room, I spotted an intriguing name: Brynhild Haugland.

Who was she?

Brynhild Haugland (1905-1998) was the daughter of Norwegian immigrants Nels and Sigurda Haugland. She was elected to the North Dakota House of Representatives 26 times in a row (1938-1990), making her the longest serving state legislator in the history of the U.S.

The Norwegian name Brynhild can be traced back to a Germanic name consisting of elements meaning “mail, armor” and “war, battle.”

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