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Popular Baby Names in Moldova, 2014

According to data from the Civil Status Service, the most popular baby names in Moldova in 2014 were Sofia and Maxim.

Here are Moldova’s top 4 girl names and top 5 boy names of 2014:

Top Girl Names Top Boy Names
1. Sofia, 846 baby girls
2. Anastasia, 787
3. Daria, 700
4. Maria, 676
1. Maxim, 904 baby boys
2. David, 884
3. Alexandru, 731
4. Artiom, 700
5. Ion, 683

My source article also listed some examples of uncommon names bestowed in 2014:

Unusual Girl Names Unusual Boy Names
Jimmi Singh
Timur Han

These rankings are a bit out of date, but I’ve never posted rankings for Moldova before, so I figure something is better than nothing.

Source: Most popular names given to Moldovan children in 2014

How Are Sikh Baby Names Traditionally Chosen?

The way Sikhs choose baby names — by using holy scripture in a rather creative way — reminds me a lot of the way Puritans used to select names.

Puritan parents — not all, but some — would invent a name using a word or phrase from the Bible. (Example: Fly-fornication.) Sikhs, on the other hand, determine the first letter of a baby’s name by picking a random passage out of the Guru Granth Sabib:

Once inside the Gurdwara the Guru Granth Sahib is randomly opened by the Granthi (priest) and a passage is read out aloud. The family will then choose a name by using the first letter of the hymn on the page opened. The baby’s name is announced to the congregation, the Granthi will also add Singh (lion) as a surname if the baby is a boy, and Kaur (princess) if the child is a girl.

And here’s another interesting fact about Sikh baby names: They’re usually not gender-specific. If the chosen first name is Pritam, a boy would be called Pritam Singh and a girl would be called Pritam Kaur. (Certain names are pronounced differently depending upon gender, though.)

Source: BBC – Religions – Sikhism: Baby rites