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Most Popular Baby Names in New Zealand, 2010

The 100 most popular baby boy and baby girl names in New Zealand have been released. The winners for 2010 were Sophie (again) and Liam (beating previous #1 Jack).

Top Boy Names in NZ Top Girl Names in NZ
  1. Liam (374 babies)
  2. James (333)
  3. Oliver (327)
  4. Jack (325)
  5. William (320)
  6. Joshua (298)
  7. Benjamin (286)
  8. Jacob (285)
  9. Samuel (282)
  10. Lucas (271)
  1. Sophie (377 babies)
  2. Olivia (335)
  3. Ruby (322)
  4. Charlotte (305)
  5. Isabella (286)
  6. Lily (281)
  7. Ella (277)
  8. Chloe (262)
  9. Emily (232)
  10. Emma (228)

I’m glad no Mongrel Mob names made the lists.

Two interesting names I did notice were Sione and Pippa:

  • Sione, ranked 92nd for boys, seems to be a Tongan name. (There’s no s-sound in Maori.) In the trailer for the film Sione’s Wedding (2006) [vid], you can hear Sione at 0:07, 0:28 and 1:52. Sounds like see-O-nay or see-O-nee, or something in between.
  • Pippa, ranked 95th for girls, is a contraction/diminutive of Philippa. The popularity of this one might be attributable to New Zealand television personality Pippa Wetzell.

Just for reference, New Zealand has roughly 4.3 million residents. So, population-wise, it’s about the same size as Kentucky.

Source: NZ’s Department of Internal Affairs