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Groom Forgets His Bride’s Name

A story that was printed in various US newspapers in the mid-1850s:

A few days ago, a man applied, in Boston, to the proper authorities, for a marriage certificate, but, upon being questioned, he had forgotten the name of his intended. After some time spent in silent thought, he remarked that the lady was named after some city in Massachusetts, and he rather believed that it was “Worcester.” But when the couple stood up before the clergyman, the lady, with a reproachful look at her careless lover, stated that her name was Somerville.


I didn’t have any luck tracking this couple down, but I did discover a handful of other U.S. women named Somerville, and one named Worcester.

Source: “A Forgetful Bridegroom.” Daily Dispatch [Richmond, VA] 21 Nov. 1853: 4. (h/t The Genealogue)