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The 4 Most Patriotic Names of All Time?

patriotic baby names

Happy 4th! To celebrate this year, here are the 4 most patriotic names I’ve ever come across.

1. United States America Cook
United States America CookShe was born in Ohio in 1896. I’ve found people named “United States,” and even more named “America,” but she’s the only “United States America” I’ve ever found.

2. Nephi United States Centennial Jensen
Nephi United States Centennial JensenHe was born in Utah in 1876. Similar to United States America, I’ve seen “United States” more than once, and “Centennial” was downright trendy for babies born circa 1876, but this is the only “United States Centennial” I know of.

3. Star Spangled Banner Osborne
Star Spangled Banner OsborneHe was born in Illinois in 1860. I’ve seen patriotic song titles as names before — “Yankee Doodle” included — but, as far as I can tell, he’s the only “Star Spangled Banner” that exists. In most records, he simply goes by “Banner.”

4. E Pluribus Unum Ford
E. Pluribus Unum FordShe was born in Texas in 1884. This is the only name of the four that isn’t unique; I’ve found a handful people named e pluribus unum, which is the Latin phrase meaning “out of many, one” that many consider a de facto U.S. motto.

Which one of the above would you say is the most patriotic name? Or, if you know of one that could trump these, tell us about it!

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