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Peppermint: Coffee Substitute & Baby Name

Mint TeaCaffeine makes you more alert (and hence more persuadable), and a warm drink in your hands could coax you to “make more generous decisions.” So brewing a cup of coffee or tea for your partner before talking baby names is a smart move.

But what if your partner isn’t into coffee or tea? For instance, what if your partner is watching her caffeine intake due to, oh, pregnancy or something?

Well, in that case, here’s an alternative: peppermint tea.

It’s an herbal “tea” that doesn’t include tea (Camellia sinensis) at all, so there’s no caffeine. But it’s got a scent that’s been proven to help people stay alert, it’s served hot, and it’s safe to consume during pregnancy.

P.S. I know of at least two people named Peppermint–one in England, one in Germany. The SSDI doesn’t include any Peppermints, but it does list a Spearmint (Spearmint Smith, 1934-1986, born in Virginia).


Image: Black Asian teapot with mint tea by Rua’a Shahahdeh