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Baby Named for Gameshow Host

Earlier this year, Richard Humphrey of Cannock, Staffordshire, missed the birth of his first child. Why? Because he decided to be a contestant on British gameshow Ant & Dec’s Push the Button instead.

Richard’s girlfriend, Stacey Richards, gave birth to their son just minutes before the live show began. Host Declan Donnelly made the announcement on-air: “Rich has just become a dad. At two minutes to seven Stacey gave birth to a little baby boy so congratulations.”

Apparently Stacey wasn’t too upset about the incident, as the couple went on to name their son Declan after Mr. Donnelly. Richard said, “We both thought it was a good idea and there is already an Anthony in the family. Dec was a great bloke so we thought why not do it.”

Sources: Mother gives birth as partner wins £62,000 on TV’s Push The Button… and they named the baby DEC, ‘Push The Button’ baby named after show host