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Popularity of the Baby Name Standa

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Born in the U.S. Since 1880

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Notwithstanding Griswold – 1 Name, 2 People

Did you know that Notwithstanding Griswold — someone who is mentioned a lot on lists of people with unusual names — was actually two people?

Sisters, in fact. They were the daughters of Jeremiah and Sarah Griswold of Durham, Connecticut.

The first Notwithstanding, born in 1759, lived only one day. The Griswolds must have liked her name a lot, though, because they ended up using it again.

The second Notwithstanding, born in 1764, lived long enough to be married (to Daniel Graves in 1786) and have several children (none of whom inherited her name). Like many people with unwieldy names (e.g., Prockie, Britannia), she chose to go by a nickname: Standa.

Source: Otto, Julie Helen. “Name Origins.” The Weekly Genealogist 7 Dec. 2011.