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Baby Names (No Longer) Needed – Annika, Makena, Silvia, Lane

I haven’t posted any updates in, oh…4 months. Yeah, I’m a bit behind on that.

From way back in October: I know Carin picked Annika and Martha selected Olivia Mae, but I haven’t heard from Rachel.

From November: Alexis chose Makena Leigh, Mercedes picked Brooklyn, Emily decided on Lauren, Steff did indeed go with Genevieve, and Pamela settled on Elliott Samuel. Not sure about Char.

From December: Debra decided on Silvia Raine and Lauren went with Hannah Reilly. I haven’t heard from Lucas or Dacia.

From January: Jackie had a boy (not a girl!) named Lane Michael, Amy chose Alice Elisabeth, Rebecca picked Eva Grace, Jaime decided on Carlo Andrew, and Jamie stuck with Declan James. Zoe‘s adoption has not been finalized yet, so she still has time to decide (but she’ll let us know when she does). No word from Jill.

Baby Name Needed – What Do You Think About Genevieve?

A reader named Steff asked me about the name Genevieve the other day:

I love it, but it seems like it would be difficult for a little girl to spell & pronounce. What are your opinions?

I agree that Genevieve could be challenging for some little girls. But I definitely don’t think this should deter you from using it, if you love it. A lot of great names (e.g. Madeleine, Jacqueline, Maximilian) are tricky for children to say and spell correctly, but I would hate to think they’re being used less because of this.

A cute nickname like Gen or Vivi might work well for a little girl named Genevieve until she’s old enough to tackle the full name.

What do you guys think of the name Genevieve–too cumbersome for a little girl?

Steff also asked:

Would you be able to suggest names based on these siblings names? – Charlotte, Sophie, Evan & Connor

I’m guessing the focus is female names (i.e. alternatives to Genevieve) so I tried for traditional options that don’t repeat any of the beginning or ending sounds of Charlotte, Sophie, Evan or Connor. Here’s what I came up with:


What other name suggestions would you offer?

Update, 11/25 – The baby is here! Scroll down to the final comment (dated November 25th) to find out what her name is…