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Popular & Unique Baby Names in Idaho, 2018

According to Idaho Vital Statistics, the most popular baby names in the state in 2018 were Olivia and Liam.

Here are Idaho’s top 10 girl names and top 10 boy names of 2018:

Girl Names

  1. Olivia, 107 baby girls
  2. Emma, 92
  3. Harper, 88
  4. Charlotte, 83
  5. Evelyn, 82
  6. Amelia, 77
  7. Hazel, 62
  8. Ava, 60
  9. Abigail, 58
  10. Lily, 56 (tied with #11, Sophia)

Boy Names

  1. Liam, 127 baby boys
  2. Oliver, 114
  3. William, 93
  4. Hudson, 83 (tie)
  5. Henry, 83 (tie)
  6. James, 82
  7. Owen, 79
  8. Jackson, 78
  9. Wyatt, 77
  10. Lincoln, 75

In the girls’ top 10, Hazel and Lily replace Elizabeth and (technically) Sophia.

In the boys’ top 10, Hudson, Owen, and Wyatt replace Samuel, Mason, and Logan. Notably, Hudson didn’t even make Idaho’s top 25 in 2017.

Speaking of 2017…the top two names that year were Emma and Oliver.

And now, some of Idaho’s unusual baby names:

Unique Girl NamesUnique Boy Names
Amerikis, Anomaly, Aquamarine, Atlyss, Azkadealliya, Buttercup, Cansas, Ellexy, Gift, Glacier-Dawn, Ingeborg, Jonnacie, Kc, Livingston, Naivee, Netanya, Neverr, Onnicka, Phynixx, Reminatrix, Silentbird, Stormageddon, Sufia, Violetjade, YggdrasilAnarchy, Banx, Bekan, Boss, Combat, Derexx, Geremi, Given, Gnash, Grizzly, Jj, Jrue, Krush, Lighten, Lukasza, Prentiss, Rhun, Skeigh, Thackery, Timber, Trynitee, Tytanium, Ugutz, Wisely

Possible explanations/associations for a couple of the above:

Source: Annual Reports – Idaho Vital Statistics

Name This Couple’s Daughter – Amelia? Cthulhu?

Stephen McLaughlin and his wife have put up a website,, where you can suggest and/or vote for a name for their unborn baby girl, due on April 2.

The caveat, of course, is that the couple “will ultimately be making the final decision” regarding their daughter’s name. Meaning that the site is really no more than a great big suggestion engine that happens to be getting a lot of traffic right now, thanks to Reddit and some press coverage.

Well played, McLaughlin family. Well played.

But it’s an entertaining site nonetheless.

As you’d expect, the internet-suggested names are a mix of serious and silly. The day I created the this post, Amelia was the first name with the most votes. Now that I’m writing it up, the top choice is Cthulhu. Other first names with a lot of votes include Charlotte, Olivia, Camille, Sage, Megatron, Pond, Streetlamp and Stormageddon. Also, both Zelda and Not Zelda.

For middles I see Mae, Rose, Grace, Renee, All-Spark, Le-dash-a, Salad and Of-the-sea. (Of-the-sea is actually kinda awesome. I’ve voted for that one a few times.)

What first-middle pairing do you think the McLaughlins will end up choosing?

What would you choose if you could name this baby?

Source: What happens when you let the internet choose your baby’s name?