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Baby Name Needed – Full Name for Susie

A reader named Kristina writes:

My husband insists on naming our daughter after his mother. He doesn’t necessarily want to name her Susan, her full name, but insists on calling her Susie. I have been trying to come up with names containing the word Sue in them not necessarily at the beginning, but more so in the middle or end of the name.

Hm. This is a tricky one.

Here are some names that include a “su” element:

  • Atsuko, Etsuko, Kasumi, Mitsuko, Sumiko, Suzu, Suzume, Yasu, and other Japanese names. Though these probably won’t make sense unless the baby has some sort of connection to Japan.
  • Sumana, Sumati, Sunita, Suniti, Sushila, Sunila, Suparna, Supriti, and other Indian names. But the connection thing applies for these as well (and to the group below).
  • Consuelo, AsunciĆ³n, Jesusa, and perhaps a few other Spanish and/or religious names.
  • Ursula seems to be the only traditional “English” name that fits the bill, but the nickname Sula is more natural-sounding for Ursula than Susie. Also, there’s that unshakable (and unfortunate) sea-witch association.
  • Sunny, Sunshine, Sunday, and Summer are word-names that could work, though they seem like a stretch because the vowel-sounds don’t match up.

So, as you can see, I had a pretty tough time coming up with suitable “su” names.

Of course, I’m avoiding the obvious — the many Susan-related names (e.g. Susanna, Suzette, Suellen) out there. It seems Kristina wants to avoid “Susan” specifically, but maybe some other name from this family would work?

Another idea would be get a bit abstract about the nicknaming. For instance, Alexandra, Alessandra and Anastasia include S- and Z-sounds…instead of the typical nicknames like Alex and Ana, what about Susie for these?

What other ideas would you offer to Kristina?

Baby Name Buffet – Charlotte, Madeleine, Suzette, Victoria

Are you a foodie? If so, this list might help you choose a baby name and spark a few meal ideas at the same time.

Below are dishes featuring female names; tomorrow I’ll post a list of dishes featuring male names. (If you try any of the recipes, let me know how they taste!)

Name Dish Namesake (if known)
Adelina Poularde Adelina Patti Adelina Patti, (1843-1919), singer
Agnès Nonnettes de poulet Agnès Sorel Agnès Sorel (1422-1450), mistress of King Charles VII of France
Alexandra Gâteau Alexandra Queen Alexandra of Denmark (1844-1925)
Alice Consommé Princess Alice Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone (1883-1981)
Anna Pommes Anna One of the grandes cocottes of the Napoleon III era, according to Julia Child
Béatrice Rissoles of crawfish à la Béatrice
Betty Brown Betty
Camille Lobster à la Camille
Charlotte Charlotte Russe Possibly Queen Charlotte (1744-1818)
Clara Chaudfroid de poulet à la Clara Morris Clara Morris (1848-1925), actress
Emma Coupe Emma Calvé Emma Calvé (1858-1942), singer
Hélène Poire Belle Hélène
Henriette Beefsteak à la Henriette
Jenny Jenny Lind Soup Jenny Lind (1820-1887), singer
Juliette Eggs à la Juliette
Lucia St. Lucia buns Saint Lucia (283-304)
Madeleine Madeleines Madeleine Paulmier (18th or 19th century), chef
Margherita Pizza Margherita Queen Margherita of Savoy (1851-1926)
Marguerite Chicken Marguerite
Martha Martha Washington’s Great Cake Martha Washington (1731-1802), former First Lady
Mary Poires Mary Garden Mary Garden (1874-1967), singer
Melba Peach Melba Nellie Melba (1859-1931), singer
Olga Consommé Olga
Rachel Tournedos Rachel Elisa-Rachel Félix (1821-1858), singer
Rebecca Rebecca Pudding
Sarah Sarah Bernhardt Cakes Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923), actress
Susette Eggs Susette
Suzette Crepe Suzette Dinner companion of King Edward VII (who was Prince of Wales at the time)
Theodora Consommé Theodora
Victoria Victoria Sponge Cake Queen Victoria (1819-1901)

Edit, Nov. 2009: Just found out about a post on named foods at Here’s the link: Sweet Celebrities: A List of Pastries and Desserts Named After People.