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How Do You Like Your Name, Tabatha?

Tabatha, a 25-year-old from Queensland, Australia, likes that her name is “not easy to forget.”

But she doesn’t care for the nickname Tabby Cat. Or the fact that “everyone automatically thinks of Bewitched” when they hear her name.

It isn’t surprising that so many people associate the name with Bewitched, as many baby girls were named Tabatha and Tabitha after the birth of TV baby Tabatha Stephens during the second season (which aired from 1965 to 1966).

In fact, that’s exactly how Tabatha herself came to be named:

My sister named me after the TV show Bewitched.

(Interesting random fact: Bewitched also put the name Endora on the map.)

Would Tabatha recommend that kids today be given her name?

It is a very old name but it may just be confusing to people these days. Bewitched isn’t really around much. I work in childcare & all the kids find my name hard to learn & weird.

Thank you, Tabatha!

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