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Bizarre Baby Names in Paraguay

A few months ago, the government of Paraguay released a long list of rare-but-real Paraguayan baby names. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Amorcito, “sweetheart”
  • Dublina, “Dublin”
  • Exaltacion de la Cruz, “exaltation of the cross”
  • Killbroy Killer
  • Lluvia de Oro, “golden rain”
  • Linda Pelusa, “cute fluff”
  • Mamerto, “idiot”
  • Mística Paloma, “mystic dove”
  • Optimosprayn, inspired by the character Optimus Prime
    • His full name is Optimusprayn Ismael Meza Barboza (b. 1999). On his 16th birthday he got an Autobot insignia tattooed on his neck (his parents were not pleased about this). He said that, in the future, he wants to have two sons: one named for him, the other named Rodimus Prime, “como el hermano perdido de Optimus Prime” (like the lost brother of Optimus Prime).
  • Por Fin Bienvenido Carajo, “finally welcome f*ck”
    • His full name is Por Fin Bienvenido Carajo Rapetti. He was his father’s 15th child, but very first son — this is essentially the explanation for his name. Several of his sisters received similar names. One was Paciencia Contra el Destino, “patience against destiny,” and another was Seguiremos Inisistiendo, “we’ll keep trying.” Their names were later changed to Elvira and Chula, respectively.
  • Santa Primitiva, “holy primitive”
  • Tecla, “key”

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