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Popularity of the Baby Name Tino

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What gave the baby name Kady a boost in 1985?

Pia Zadora and her first husband, businessman Meshulam Riklis, welcomed a baby girl on January 1, 1985. Their New Year’s Day baby was named Kady after the character Zadora played in the movie Butterfly (1982).

(Which was an interesting decision, given the nature of the character: a nymphet planned to seduce her own father for financial gain. Anyhow…)

The year Kady was born, the number of U.S. babies named Kady increased significantly:

  • 1987: 122 baby girls named Kady
  • 1986: 108 baby girls named Kady
  • 1985: 113 baby girls named Kady
  • 1984: 24 baby girls named Kady
  • 1983: 16 baby girls named Kady
  • 1982: 21 baby girls named Kady

Pia’s second child, born in 1987, was a son named Kristofer Barzie — middle name in honor of Pia’s agent, Tino Barzie.