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Posts that Mention the Name Torah

Baby Named for Olympic Heptathlete Jessica Ennis

British heptathlete Jessica Ennis won an Olympic gold medal a little over a week ago in London.

Henry and Emily Lee of Wiltshire had been planning to see the heptathlon, but when Emily went into labor that morning, they gave their tickets to friends and instead headed to Bath hospital.

When 26-year-old Ennis won the gold, Henry and Emily and their 20-minute-old baby girl were watching via the hospital television.

They decided to name their daughter Beatrice Jessica Lee — middle name in honor of Jessica Ennis.

The baby’s aunt said:

Jessica wasn’t a name they had mentioned before, but they chose it because they should have been at the Olympics and the fact Jessica Ennis won so soon after the baby was born – it was the emotion of it all really.

It’s a really nice story to be able to pass onto her when she’s older.

This story reminds me of the baby named for snowboarder Torah Bright during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Do you think Jessica Ennis’ win will give the baby name Jessica a boost in the UK? Currently, Jessica is ranked #4 in England and Wales.

Source: Olympic heptathlon champion Jessica Ennis has newborn baby named after her

Baby Named for Olympic Snowboarder Torah Bright

A Tasmanian couple named their baby girl Torah in honor of Australian snowboarder Torah Bright, who had won the women’s snowboard halfpipe event in Vancouver just before the baby was born.

The baby’s parents had seen Torah’s name in the newspaper a few weeks prior to the birth. They liked it, but couldn’t decide if they liked it more than their other favorite, Phoebe. The father says:

Our little girl was born at 3.30pm Friday and I got a text message from a friend about five minutes earlier telling me Torah Bright had won gold, so that decided it.

“I said to my wife ‘this message came through while you were in labour. Maybe it’s an omen’.”

Source: Torah inspires baby name