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Possible Avatar Baby Names – Eywa, Neytiri, Toruk

I didn’t want to write an Avatar post. I really didn’t. But Avatar is doing very well at the box office right now, and when a sci-fi/fantasy film (or book, or TV show) hits big like this, I can’t help but wonder: What crazy baby names could this thing inspire?

I think most Na’vi names (like Mo’at, Tsu’Tey and Eytukan) are going to be too exotic for most parents, but what about Neytiri, the name of the pretty Na’vi warrior-princess? Or Eywa (AY-wah), the name of the Na’vi deity? For boys there’s Toruk, the massive flying creature that only a handful of Na’vi have ever tamed. (Who knows, some fearless parent might even go for the one-two punch of Toruk Makto.) I don’t think I’d be shocked to see any of these pop up in my local birth announcements.

Have you watched the film? If so, which Avatar name (or word) do you think stands the best chance of catching on as a baby name?

Update (Jan. 18): The Sun just published Boom in Avatar Names for Kiddies. The article doesn’t include any statistical evidence of a “boom,” though.

Update (May 5): Fifteen U.S. baby girls were named Neytiri in 2010.