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Baby Named Tylney for Historic Hotel

On June 19, Amy and Tim Harvey of England welcomed a baby girl named Tylney Jayne.

Her first name was inspired by Tylney Hall, a country house hotel located in Hampshire. Why? Because that’s where Tim proposed to Amy back in 2011, “during a romantic walk around the beautiful gardens.”

Here’s what Amy had to say about the name: “We wanted something unique and special so Tylney is perfect for us.”

In appreciation, the hotel has offered the family (which also includes 11-year old daughter Mia) a free one-night stay.

Tylney Hall, originally a mansion, was built by Frederick Tylney in the year 1700. In 1898, it was purchased by South African mining magnate Lionel Philips and rebuilt in the Victorian style.

What do you think of the baby name Tylney?

(My take: I love how the name was inspired by a relationship — how fortuitous that the hotel name happens to sound like a modern baby name — but I’m also finding it hard to not type “Tynley” over and over again.)

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